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Program Blackout

Block any content from your internet broadcast.

The StreamAudio Blackout feature is the perfect solution for blocking any content where you do not have the rights to broadcast over the internet. Through our simple Web-Based interface, you can schedule the times and dates when a blackout is required. When a scheduled blackout time occurs, the system will automatically switch to the alternative programming that you have specified. You can have an unlimited number of blackouts scheduled in our system which many clients use to enter an entire season of MLB or NFL programming.

Once you have finished scheduling your Blackouts via our Broadcaster Control Website, the system will automatically update your SA Internet BroadCaster Software which will implement the blackout when the time comes. If you want to confirm that a Blackout is scheduled, you are able to view a report schedule from our website or directly on the encoder.

The web-based interface gives you several different options for creating your schedules:

Frequency - You are able to specify the frequency that a blackout can occur. The options provided are daily, weekdays only, weekly, and 1-time only.

Start Date - In addition to specifying the start date for the blackout, you also specify a start time and end time. When the end time is reached, the system will automatically return to your live broadcast.

Blackout Substitution - While the system is in a blackout, you can specify an alternative to the live broadcast. Selecting default audio will cause the system to broadcast a default audio cut that we have provided. This audio cut tells the listener that the station is not able to broadcast the current programming over the internet and that it will return shortly. Another option is CD.