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Branded Player

Get a custom branded Windows-Media, Silverlight, and Flash player FREE!

We provide all of our clients with our standard branded player that contains the look and feel of your station. You also have the option to have a custom player that can be any shape or size. Your player also includes a wide range of features like Now-playing, ad synchronization, and send-to-friend.

If you will be taking advantage of the advanced features that we provide, you have the ability to brand your player with custom graphics provided by you. If you prefer that we build your graphics, simply provide us with your logo and we will create your player graphics at no charge.

Listeners can easily add your player to their internet favorites. They only need to click on the "Bookmark" link on your player to add the shortcut. The next time that user wants to listen, they simply select your station from their favorites and the player will open.

Through our encoding software, we have a direct connection to your digital automation system. As soon as your station starts playing a new song, we can update the information directly on your player. This happens in real-time with the audio. There is no delay in updating the information which you may see with other providers.

A link on your player will allow users to forward a direct link of your player to their friends. Through viral marketing your internet listener base will grow rapidly.

Banner ads are still a great way to generate additional revenue. Either run your own or let us run our network ads on your player to help reduce the cost of your internet broadcast.

Gateway advertisement's run when a listener first opens a player. You can schedule multiple campaigns to run on your player. Each campaign can have a matching 180x134 graphic, flash, or video and a matching banner. As soon as the gateway is finished, the player automatically redirects to the live stream. We provide you with host of web-based tools for trafficking and reporting of the gateways.

When an ad replacement is inserted into your programming, the player will update itself automatically with graphics that are synchronized with the audio. This feature allows you to schedule a 180x134 gif, jpg, or Flash (swf) file and a matching standard sized banner.

The Media window on the player can provide many options for delivering a variety of functionality to your listeners. Our clients have utilized this area on the player to display ads for their stream sponsor, advertisements, last songs that have been played, and local weather. We can host the page on our servers or point to a web page on your servers so that you are able to update the content whenever you would like. If you are using ad replacement, the media window is restored to this content as soon as the ad replacements are complete.