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About Our Company

Founded in 1999, StreamAudio has been a Pioneer in developing technologies and services for Terrestrial Broadcasters. Streaming services are provided using mainstream technologies such as Windows Media, Flash, Real, and QuickTime.

In addition to streaming, StreamAudio has developed a host of proprietary technologies and services designed to meet the needs of Terrestrial Broadcasters. StreamAudio continues to develop new technologies that help Broadcasters have a successful online presence.

On October 30, 2001, ChainCast Networks, Inc., located in Silicon Valley, acquired StreamAudio. The acquisition strengthened the companies position as the leading content delivery service by providing low cost streaming, increased performance, and optimal quality of service to its radio customers.

In 2005, ChainCast and StreamAudio were merged into a single company and began doing business under the StreamAudio brand. Combining the two companies has allowed StreamAudio to focus completely on Streaming Services for Broadcasters and has led to the addition of offices in the Seattle Washington area, and in Singapore.

StreamAudio is privately held and financially backed by premier high-tech venture capital firms, successful angel investors and strategic corporate partners.

Although StreamAudio has been profitable for several years, in December 1999, ChainCast had raised $4.6 million in equity funding, secured an additional $10.4 million in September 2000, and closed a c-round of $4.0 million in April 2002, bringing the total to over $19 million.

We have received venture capital from:

  • Bellwether Investments (GIC Special Investments)
  • Creative Technology Ltd
  • Cuscaden Investments
  • MediaCorp Interactive
  • Mid-City Investments Holding
  • WIIG Global Ventures
  • The founders of Creative Labs and InnoMedia Pte Ltd