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Gateway Advertising

Your player displays an advertisement programming begins.

When a user opens your player, we have the ability to show a video or flash movie advertisement that will play before your programming begins.

Our web-based trafficking software will allow you to schedule and upload multiple campaigns and rotate different creative for the same campaign. The flexible scheduling tool will also allow you to specify the day of the week, time of day, and many other options that provide you with the ability to meet the exact needs of your advertiser. The Gateway Management tools are managed over the internet though our Broadcaster control web site.

To preview a scheduled gateway, our scheduling tool provides a page that displays the corresponding media and banner files. For gateways with more than 1 media file, you can select the preferred file to preview. During the playback, banner graphics for the gateway will appear below the preview screen. After the video completes, the actual radio stream follows.

The Gateway Schedule Page allows you to create or edit your gateway ad campaigns. Each campaign can consist of up to 3 different media files. You may also specify the day parts for which a content file is allowed to be shown.

The following is a description of key fields used in gateway scheduling:

Total Impressions - This field determines the maximum impressions allowed for the gateway.

Daily Impressions - This field determines the daily limit on the number of impressions for the gateway.

Start Date - Start date for the campaign.

End Date - End date for the campaign.

Media File 1 - This section lets you enter the media file for the gateway and set its properties. You are able to Select a media file from your PC to be uploaded to StreamAudio. The supported media types include wmv, wma and swf. Bit rates should not exceed 128kbps or the playback quality may be unacceptable for listeners with low bandwidth listeners.

Media File 2 - An optional 2nd and 3rd media file can be scheduled for each campaign. These files can have equal rotation or can be set with different day-parts.

468 x 60 Graphic - You can specify a 468 x 60 graphics (jpg or gif of swf(flash)) in the banner frame. You upload a PC file to be hosted in StreamAudio or specify the URL of a graphic file hosted at another website.

180 x 134 Graphic - You can specify a 180 x 134 graphics (jpg or gif) to be displayed in the main media window and is only applicable when the gateway media is an audio content. You can upload a PC file to be hosted in StreamAudio or specify the URL of a graphic file hosted at another website.

CLick Through URL - An optional click through URL for the 468 x 60 banner.