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Scheduled Archiving

Block any content from your internet broadcast.

In todays competitive environment on the internet, it is important to have features that will bring your listeners back to your website. Our Scheduled Archiving feature will help you to bring listeners back by allowing you to create on-demand content from your live broadcast.

From our web-based scheduling system, you are able to specify a time and date to record your broadcast. When the broadcast is finished, our software will automatically upload the file to a media server making it immediately available on your site for your listeners to access.

The web-based interface gives you several different options for creating your schedules:

In addition to specifying the start date for the Archive, you also specify a start time and end time. When the end time is reached, the system will automatically return to your live broadcast and upload the audio file to our servers for broadcast.

You are able to specify the frequency that a scheduled archive can occur. The options provided are daily, weekdays only, weekly, and 1-time only.