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Stream Protection

Our stream protection ensures that unauthorized sources cannot redistribute your broadcast.

Do you mind if other web sites are linking directly to your stream and bypassing your website, player, branding, and advertising?

Do you know that these unauthorized streams will be used in your royalty calculations?

If you do not want outside web sites to do this, we have created the solution that we call SA Stream Protection. We are able to protect your streams by confirming that the request was made from your player. Every time a listener connects, it must first confirm where it is originating. This is done in the background and requires no additional steps by the listener. If it is confirmed that a stream is authorized, the user is provided with the broadcast.

If we find that the stream was not authorized, the user is presented with audio that explains that the method they used to access the stream is not authorized. They are then provided with a link that will open your branded player. See what happens when you try to use an unauthorized link by CLICKING HERE

Our stream protection technology will work if the user is accessing the stream via a PC web browser or even a mobile device.