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Stream Timeout

Don't be responsible for unneccessary royalties.

One benefit of streaming with StreamAudio is that your listeners will have solid streams that will not be disconnected from your broadcast. One of the side-effects of having streams that never shut-down is that listeners will start the stream and let it run continuously for days. The problem with this scenario is that you will be responsible for royalties that occur while the listener is in bed for the night or away for lunch.

To help you better manage these situations, we have created a solution that allows you to set a time-limit that the player will determine if a listener is still actually listening.

On the StreamAudio BroadCaster Control website, you set the number of minutes when you want the player to check if a listener is still present. When the listener opens the player, a count-down will begin from the time that you had specified on the BroadCaster Control website.

When the time-limit is reached, a window will open with a message that requires the listener to close the message in order to continue streaming.

If the listener does not close the message within 45-seconds, the player will be stopped. A message will be displayed explaining why the stream was stopped and what must be done to start it again.